AQUAFRESH NYC RO + UV+UF+TDS Minimiser Technology with Mineral Cartridge, Magnetic Softner and Anti-Scalant Balls


  • Computer Controlled fully Automatic Operation
  • Wall-mount cum Counter-top 10 Stage water, Fully automatic water level cut-off with Auto-start / Auto-off
  • RO + UV+UF+TDS Minimiser Technology with mineral cartridge, magnetic softner and anti-scalant balls
  • Anti-bacteria 3-in-1 Silver Doser, Taste Conditioner and Activated Carbon as post treatment of RO, to enhance the shelf life & taste of water
  • Built-in SMPS to operate from 120~280 V AC for erratic voltage supply. Push fit connectors for leak proof performance & longer life.


Fully automatic RO+UV+UF+TDS controller + mineral cartage +pre ultra filter with safety water storage tank tray,10 stages purification system with 6 months warranty only on smps power supply. Its come with bullet booster pump which provide extra inflow of pure water with sv ( Solenoid valve ) and upgraded 2.5 Amp power supply 24v+36v (DC) for performance and long life of ro system (24v for SV and 36v for Bullet Booster Pump).80Gpd membrane which reduces up to 90% of tds level and provide clean and pure drinking water.